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Air Conditioning Services in Nassau & Western Suffolk, New York

Staying cool and comfortable is a number one priority in your home or business during the summer months. Groner Service Inc. Heating & Cooling can help you stay cool. We service all brands of central air conditioning equipment. We stock a large inventory of parts and supplies, both in our vehicles and our centrally located office. We offer a no-nonsense approach to our cooling service. Most likely, we will have you up & running on our first visit, even if it is a temporary repair, until a more complete repair or equipment replacement is performed.

We offer premium air conditioning systems and services to help you beat the toughest heat spell. Your air conditioning system also removes humidity from your indoor environment for an added degree of comfort. A properly maintained air conditioning system will help to keep you cool and comfortable while running at its utmost efficiency.

Should you repair or replace? If you're operating an inefficient system that breaks down often, sooner than later it is going to break down again. You could also experience damage to other components of your heating and cooling system. This will mean more expense to you and frequent emergency service calls.

Save on your energy bills with new high-efficiency equipment. A high-efficiency cooling system could pay for itself in energy savings in a few short years. A cooling system's efficiency rating is indicated by its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The higher the SEER, the less operating cost to you.

Let our experts help you pick the most efficient and affordable system to help make your home or business a really cool place to be.

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